Center of Agape Love - Christian Couseling,Counseling,Youth Center & Anti-Gang Network
Thanks for your interest in The Center of Agape Love 
Here at The Center of Agape Love, we are committed to serving the community and the needs of you and your family by using universal principles of spirituality, we offer services to assist children, teenagers, adults and families lead a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.
Whatever negative problems, issues and or situations you may find yourself or your family in we at The Center of Agape Love will provide professional assistance, guidance and support to help you and or your family deal with and overcome difficulties and problems. 
We aspire to strengthen each person and or family by providing Christian counseling, counseling, group therapy, educational session and referrals for mental, emotional and other problems. We have confidence in God through Jesus the Christ that He can change any negativity, problems and difficuties in a person's life. We encourage personal and spiritual growth through this process. 
We invite you and or your family menbers to contact us. We also pray that whoever seeks us for assistance will allow God into their life through our various services. 
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